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Bai Wei Mini Bowl, 百味小碗菜, Klang

Bai Wei Mini Bowl recently opened its shop in Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang. It is a relative newer trend from China to serve the dishes in small bowls, hence the name of the shop. 

The staff scoops the dishes in same portion into mini bowls. Then diners like us are to choose the dishes that we like into a complete meal. 

The shop kept the dishes on the steamer at the counter to keep it warm. The concept is very much like our familiar mixed rice. The difference are that:

  • The shop scoops the dishes into the bowl in same portion, the price is transparent to diners
  • The shop wraps all the mini bowls with cling wrap. It seems more hygienic in current setting. Although more wastage and less environmental friendly with the single use wrap.
  • Although named mini bowls, the portion is actually more than the usual single scoop of mixed rice. It is also pricier, however the dining environment is air-conditioned and not the usual coffeeshop.
mini bowl
The mini bowls on display. The dishes are always on steamer to keep it warm
spicy mala boneless fried chicken
Spicy mala boneless fried chicken
the price
Various price depending on the dishes
the grilled stuff
There are also a la carte order
lunch set
The lunch set priced at RM9, RM12, and RM15 nett
the notice board at the entrance
The notice board at the entrance - it says 24 hours however at the moment the shop is operating until. Also wonder will the business be good during mid night
the five signature dishes
The 5 signature dishes namely - hand torn cabbage, spicy fragrance pork, spicy mala boneless chicken, spicy mala fish in soup, and mapo spicy tofu
more dishes at bai wei mini bowl
More bowls on the display
many bowl to choose from
The bowls were not too hot to pick up, only that the rice steel bowls were quite hot to the hand
lunch at bai wei mini bowls
Lunch situation at Bai Wei Mini Bowl. The soup is free of charge. This meal costed us RM32, equally to RM16 per person. Not too bad considering the portion and dining environment. The shop is also offering free reheat service, however we wonder if there will be anyone reheating the dish half way eating it
hand teared cabbage
Hand torn cabbage with pork belly
sour spicy potato
This was our favourite - the sour spicy shredded potato. Appetizing
garlic prawn with glass noodle
Garlic prawn with glass noodle, the garlic was quite thick hence tasted bit bitter
the lunch at bai wei
The rice with dishes
dried chili left in the bowl
The leftover dried chilies
interior of bai wei mini bowl klang
Clean and spacious interior

What do We Like about Bai Wei Mini Bowl, Klang?

  • New concept of dishes selecting meal
  • The dishes were tasty, hygienic wrapped and displayed
  • Pleasant and clean dining experience

20, Lorong Batu Nilam 3f, Bandar Bukit Tinggi 1, 41200 Klang, Selangor

the dishes corner
bai wei mini bowl bukit tinggi klang

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