Affordable Nigiri sushi set at RM30
Japanese,  Petaling Jaya

Sushi at Ume Tei – Amcorp Mall

**Updated 15-Oct-2021: Ume Tei has since moved to MyTown, located within BookXcess. The current shop in Amcorp Mall has changed name and is under a new owner. **

By far the most value for money Japanese and sushi restaurant found in the area. The nigiri sushi set costs RM 30. The set usually comes with miso soup, fruit, boiled vegetables, chawanmushi, pickled radish or plum. A similar sushi set in the chained restaurants would easily costs double the price in Ume Tei.

That’s the reason we have been returning to Ume Tei ever since we discovered this old gem Japanese sushi restaurant in Amcorp Mall few years ago. The place may seem run down but the foods are the stars 🙂

Nigiri sushi set with many side dishes
Nigiri sushi set - RM 30

The food

The quality of fishes and the ingredients never disappointed us. Exploring the dishes with the menu stick on the wall were fun too. Chicken karaage, ochazuke, omelette, fish head hot pot, cauliflower rice, just to name a few.

The nigiri sushi rice was so firmed that I was able to bite it with the fish and yet the rice did not fall apart (if you know what I meant). The choices of fish are generous as well. 

Ochazuke was not usually found in the chained restaurant but it is available here. It comes with a grilled salmon too, look how generous is that portion.

Ochazuke set with shio salmon
Ochazuke set - RM 20


Very pity that they will be moving to MyTown in collaboration with BookXcess in May 2021. The Japanese sushi restaurant has been in Amcorp Mall since 1997 and this news kind of surprised us. As MyTown is quite a distance from PJ (our usual wandering place), we would not be able to go there often.

So in between their closing of current shop, we are trying to go there to try those varieties of food that we seldom or never tried before. Hopefully we are also able to find another Japanese restaurant around the area which serve good foods in worthwhile price. Though we think it is unlikely because if it exists, we would have discovered it earlier.

Follow their Instagram to get the update on the relocation and opening of new outlet in MyTown: https://www.instagram.com/umetei_japaneserestaurant

Free Ozoni for new year
Ozoni - Japanese rice cake for the new year. It was on the house 🙂
Sushi restaurant - Interior of Ume Tei who serve afforable Japanese sushi
Interior of Ume Tei who serve affordable Japanese foods

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