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Q House, Damansara Jaya – Set Meals

Q House is recently opened in Damansara Jaya, nearby to Atria Shopping Gallery. During our visit on a Saturday, there were quite some crowds waiting for table and the line outside the shop was long. Luckily we managed to get a table quite fast.

Within vicinity, we visited few of them as below, check out the post:

rice with minced pork and clear soup
The minced pork sprinkled on top of the rice. Small stuffs like this gave additional flavours to the food and shown that the restaurant did give extra thought to the menu and food
spicy mala soup with pork slices
Set meal we had for dinner - the spicy mala pork slices pot. There were plenty of stuff in the soup, scroll down to see
sour vegetable soup q house
Sour vegetable (pickled vegetable) with fish slices, there were some red chilies however was not too spicy
q house menu
Click to Enlarge Menu
q house menu
The set meal menu, there are many set meals to choose and the price is reasonable for the stuffs come with the set
q house menu
More selection to choose from
q house menu
All set comes with rice, side dishes and soup
q house menu
Boiled soup menu
q house menu
Snacks menu - the taro ball, sweet potato balls
background of q house
Check out the background of Q House which was established in 2015
spicy mala soup with pork slices
The ingredients hidden in the spicy mala soup. The soup base was good, spicy and numbing with enough kicks. First spoon of the soup had already gave us the tickle to the tastebuds. The soup tasted way above our expectation
sour vege soup pot
The clearer sour vegetable soup with fish slices, not too spicy and was also a good pot of soup
side dishes
Side dishes came with the set meal, there were three of it. Also check out the little fire to keep the pot warm throughout the dinner. The restaurant is not stingy with all the additional effort and cost while the price is still reasonable
q house sour vegetable fish soup
Fish slices from the soup
q house spicy mala soup
Vegetable soaked in spicy mala soup absorped all the spiciness, tasty
q house damansara jaya
See the crowds waiting outside the shop. It was not even dark yet, when we were done with dinner, the line was still quite long

What do We Like about Q House, Damansara Jaya?

  • The many selection of foods and set meals
  • The additional effort to serve satisfying meal
  • The spicy mala soup base was quite good and we liked it

54 & 56, Jalan SS 22/25, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

q house decoration
q house interior

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