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Petaling Jaya,  Vietnamese

Pho King, SS 2 – Vietnamese Taste

Pho King is located at the Chow Yang area where Breathing Space and Bandit are nearby.

We used to go to Pho Vietz for Vietnamese food, but since the outlet in Atria closed down, we rarely visited as the nearest would be in Starling or One Utama. When visited Starling or One Utama, there are much more choices so Pho Vietz seldom made it into the choice. 🙂

medium well beef slices
Pinkish medium rare beef
stir fried lemongrass chicken noodle
Stir Fried Lemongrass Chicken Noodle

The Menu

The menu is colorful with many photos. There are appetizers, soup noodles, banh mi, dried noodle, and etc.

Comparing to Pho Vietz, the price range of Pho King is slightly pricier. Could be due to they are using Australian beef, just our guess. 

pho king menu
Click to enlarge the menu
pho king appetizers

The Pho of Pho King

For our dinner, we ordered a sliced beef pho (junior) and a stir fried lemongrass chicken noodle. 

The junior size of sliced beef pho was just right for us as we were opting for lighter meal after a heavy lunch. The sliced beef were still in beautiful pinkish medium rare when served. Few stirs in the hot soup has turned it quite well done.

The soup was flavorful with all the condiments such as lime, mint leave, bean sprouts and chili padi. Quite a good bowl of pho.

As for the stir fried lemongrass chicken, we still prefer Pho Vietz version as it has more greens and the sauce will be more on savory side. Pho King’s version was not bad either anyway.

stir fried lemongrass chicken noodle
Lemongrass chicken with stir fried noodle
pho beef
Flavorful soup with condiments
pho king dinner
Dinner situation

The environment and price

The interior is neat and spacious, with proper distancing.

The bill came to about RM45 for the two items we had.

Pho King:

153, Jalan SS 2/6, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

pho king exterior and sign board
pho king interior
pho king interior

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