Iced tea
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LiHO Tea 里喝茶 – The Only Tea from Singapore

LiHO means ‘you good’ in direct Hokkien translation. It means ‘Hello’ in the Hokkien dialect. As LiHo is originated from Singapore, no surprise for using Hokkien as majority of Singaporean Chinese knows how to speak Hokkien. 

There was already one outlet in Mid Valley and the outlet we went to in SS 2 seems like their second outlet. There are quite many bubble tea shops in the SS 2 war zone, some surviving and some had gone, i.e., Chatto which was our favorite as we like the design and environment.

Let us see if the top bubble tea brand in Singapore (as claimed in the shop’s banner) can strive here.

The Menu

Tea beverages are the usual suspect here, they serve wide range of it. From the menu, there are cheezho tea, brew tea, milk tea, and fruit tea.

Think their signatures are the cheezho tea and fruit tea. Cheezho is similar to the cheese foam tea in Gong Cha.

Iced tea

LiHO Tea

We ordered Winter melon tea and Jing Syuan tea. We are not big fan of milk tea and sugary drink, therefore did not go for their signature. The teas we ordered were also in very little sugar which were 30% for winter melon tea and no sugar for Jing Syuan tea. 

The winter melon tea tasted quite sweet even though at 30% sugar. Jing Syuan tea tasted just like usual tea, nothing to shout about. 

Weird as it seems, but we just want to enjoy the icy cold drink during the extreme hot weather recently

LiHO Tea Iced Tea

The Price at LiHO Tea

Due to MCO, we were unable to dine in therefore were not be able to see the environment.

Price wise, we used Grab pickup and got a 20% discount. Each cup costed us between RM 5 and 6 after the discount.

Worth returning?

Yes as the weather has been crazily hot. Cold drink is compulsory. 🙂

LiHO Tea SS 2: No. 90, Jalan SS2, 60, Jalan Selangor, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

LiHO Tea
LiHO Tea

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