dinner at xin yang restaurant
Batu Pahat,  Chinese

Xin Yang SY Restaurant Batu Pahat

Xin Yang SY Restaurant is one of the well known Chinese restaurant with banquet hall setting in Batu Pahat, Johor.

The other famous restaurant is Grand Seaview Restaurant which we also frequented regularly when in Batu Pahat.

yam rings with seafoods
Yam ring with seafoods and meat. Yam ring was crispy on the other outside and soft on the inside
roasted duck
Half portion of roasted crispy pipa duck with two sauces.

The Menu

Check out Xin Yang’s online menu: here

pork slices stir fired beans and brinjal
Pork slices stir fried with french bean and brinjal
steamed thai style fish
Fragrant Thai style steamed fish. The fish was huge and the sauces was not too spicy
roasted chicken
Fried garlic chicken. The chicken skin had slight salty taste, very appetizing to go with rice
dinner at xin yang restaurant
Dinner at SY Restaurant
roasted duck
Crispy roasted duck with acar as condiment
dinner at xin yang restaurant
Sumptuous dinner
signature tofu
Singature tofu by Xin Yang with pea shoots as base. The soft with pea shoots made this dishes a lighter taste one, yet delicious with the gravy. Minimum order is 5 pieces
Xin Yang or SY Restaurant
SY Restaurant
Comfortable banquet hall dining
xin yang restaurant

What do We Like about SY Restaurant?

  • Foods were delicious and tasty
  • Portions were huge and the reasonably priced. We had this meal for around RM 190
  • Comfortable setting and attentive services

2-2A,4-4A,6-6A,8-8A, Taman Setia Jaya Utama, Jalan Setia Jaya, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor


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