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Toyo Ryori: Japanese Cuisine in Bandar Botanik

Nestled in Bandar Botanik Klang, Toyo Ryori is a Japanese restaurant that’s getting lots of love from locals. We recently tried some of their dishes: Tori Karaage rice, Salmon and Sushi Zen, and the irresistible fried baby shrimp. Join us as we share our dining experience at this cozy spot.

fried baby shrimp
fried baby shrimp
  1. Tori Karaage Rice: Our dinner began with Tori Karaage rice. It’s like a warm Japanese hug. Tender chicken, deep-fried just right, served on fluffy rice with a tasty sauce. A wonderful start to our meal.

  2. Salmon and Sushi Zen: The star of the show was the sushi platter. It had everything: sushi, salmon sashimi, salad, miso soup, mashed potato salad, and chawanmushi. Not extraordinary but it was not too bad. The sides like miso soup and chawanmushi added variety and balance.

  3. Fried Baby Shrimp: Don’t forget the fried baby shrimp. These little bites were super crispy and addictive. They had just the right amount of seasoning, making them a perfect snack to enjoy with your main dishes.

Toyo ryori klang menu
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Toyo ryori klang menu

As you step into Toyo Ryori, you’ll notice it has a modern and inviting vibe. The mix of modern and traditional Japanese design makes it a comfortable and stylish place to dine. Whether you’re having a cosy dinner or hanging out with friends and family, this place fits the bill.

13, Jalan Ramin 2, Bandar Botanik, 41200 Klang, Selangor

dinner at toyo ryori
tori karaage rice
salmon sashimi
Toyo ryori klang interior
Toyo ryori klang Botanik

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