dinner at Dilrubar
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Tasty Fusion Experience at Dilrubar, Changkat

Looking for a delicious meal in Changkat? Dilrubar, an Indian Fusion restaurant, might be the place for you. We recently tried their new lunch set, and it was a tasty experience.

kuri kuri bhindi
vege fish varuval with white rice

When we walked in, Dilrubar’s mix of traditional Indian decor and modern style caught our eye. The dimly lit dining area had colorful paintings and fancy wooden designs, creating a cozy and welcoming place to eat.

Exploring the Lunch Set Menu

We tried its new lunch set menu. It included a main, a drink (Iced Morru or Iced Kulukki), papadom and raita. By adding RM 5, we get to try the “Jelly of the Day.”

The Iced Morru and Iced Kulukki, both were blended with lots of spices. We like these spicy and tangy mocktails served in unique claypot cups. They really woke up our taste buds!

The Main Courses

The Mutton Satti Sorru came in a claypot, and it looked amazing. The rice smelled great, and the mutton was tender and full of flavor.

We also tried the Vegetarian Fish Varuval, which went really well with white rice. The “fish” was a tasty surprise, and the spicy sauce made the dish even better.

Tasty Extras

Every set menu at Dilrubar comes with raita, papadom,  The raita cooled down the spiciness, and the papadom was crunchy and fun to eat. The Jelly of the Day added a sweet touch to our meal.

Nibbles and Dessert

We couldn’t resist adding some extra snacks. The Kuri Kuri Bhindi, or fried okra, was crunchy and addictive. Morru Morru Podi Meen, the fried white bead fish, was crunchy delicious and unique.

For dessert, we had a simple but tasty coconut jelly. It was a light and refreshing way to finish our meal.

Dilrubar Changkat KL menu
Click to Enlarge Menu
Dilrubar Changkat KL menu

In short, Dilrubar in Changkat, KL, is a restaurant that mixes traditional Indian flavors with modern twists. Their new lunch set is proof of their commitment to tasty food. From the spicy and tangy drinks to the flavorful main courses and yummy extras, every part of our meal left us happy.

If you like Indian Fusion food, Dilrubar is a must-visit if you are in the area.

dinner at Dilrubar
white bead fish morru morru podi meen
iced kulukki
vege fish varuval with white rice
coconut jelly
Dilrubar Changkat KL

31, Jalan Berangan, Changkat Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur

Dilrubar Changkat KL

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