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Ruai 082 @ Damansara Jaya – Night Shift of Lin Li Xiang

Ruai 082 is located at the same premise of Lin Li Xiang, Damansara Jaya. When checked with the staff, Lin Li Xiang operates during day time while Ruai 082 operates at night. Both owners are sibling from Sarawak according to the staff.

It serves Sarawakian cuisines.

It was easier to get a parking spot during evening as compared to the morning rush around the neighborhood.

kueh chap ruai
Kueh chap with good herbal taste of soup
nasi goreng belacan bintulu + skewer
Nasi goreng belacan Bintulu + Skewer
ruai menu
The kueh chap and mix braised pork platter are some of the signature dishes
ruai menu
Click to Enlarge Menu
ruai menu
The dishes
ruai menu
ruai menu
The one person set
goreng manicai telur
Goreng manicai telur. Manicai is always sweet and tasty
kueh chap
The kueh chap was good as the soup has strong herbal taste. Ruai allowed us to change the spare parts to lean meat
tau pok
Taupok, braised egg served in the kueh chap
Grilled skewers came with the nasi goreng. The meat was tender
goreng manicai telur
nasi goreng belacan bintulu
We did not taste overly belacan taste from the nasi goreng. Not too bad anyway
ruai interior
Interior is bright and tidy

What do We Like about Ruai 082?

  • The kueh chap soup base
  • The manicai goreng telur 
  • The comfortable setting

Ruai 082, Damansara Jaya

93g, Jalan SS 22/11, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor 

lin li xiang ruai
Ruai operates at the same premise with Lin Li Xiang
ruai interior
ruai and lin li xiang

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