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Niko Neko 2.0 Chinatown – Aesthetical Interior

Niko Neko 2.0 Chinatown, finally had a chance to visit. The outlet that we visited is their second outlet after the Bangsar 1.5 outlet.

Upon entering, we were greeted by the signature all white interior and the long trail of light bulbs. Everything is in its aesthetically order. There is also a small gallery displaying Niko Neko’s merchandises.

niko neko setting
Brightly lit interior
niko neko

The Menu

The menu of Niko Neko is straightforward and clearly indicated the ingredients.

For drinks there are signature matcha mocktails where we spotted few interesting combinations.

Also not to forget the signature tea which consists of matcha, houjicha and genmaicha.

For desserts and pastries, there are drawing to illustrate it.

niko neko menu
Click to enlarge the menu
niko neko menu

The food

We ordered a Tsubaki houjicha and a Kiku matcha. Both without milk.

Also added a Mokuren / Genmaicha oyaki bun to go with the tea.

The oyaki bun was very much to our liking. The matcha paste was creamy and not too overwhelmed in its taste. A mouth of bun and a sip of tea balanced it all.

niko neko foods and drink
Genmaicha oyaki bun
niko neko setting
Like the seating along the wall
niko neko display
The little gallery
niko neko
niko neko
The signature?

The environment and price

The environment is clean and bright. Everything is in white and the staff seemingly is following a cleaning procedure where anything not according to the setting needs to be removed or rearranged immediately (including the empty plate on our table) ;P

Niko Neko 2.0 is located near to Pasar Seni MRT and LRT. We drove there so parking near the MRT and walked to Niko Neko was not too hassle.

niko neko signboard
The cat logo

What we liked about Niko Neko

  • The matcha bun
  • The aesthetically white interior setting


Niko Neko 2.0 Chinatown:

181, Jalan Tun H S Lee, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

niko neko setting

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