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Konnichiwa, The Hub SS 2 – Good Bara Chirashi

Konnichiwa is actually the previously Wasabi. We only found out upon reaching.

We had been to Wasabi once few years back and did not know it has changed name (and/ or the owner).

The change is good as what attracted us back this round is the set meal menu. The set meal option was not available back in Wasabi’s time.

Beautiful tea pot and warm ocha
Konnichiwa interior

The Menu

We were there for the set meal. There are about 26 sets to choose from with the option to add on chawanmushi at RM 5. Weird though during our visit, the chawanmushi had sold out.

The choices are quite standard from sashimi, grilled fish, chicken, tempura to hotpot etc.

Konnichiwa interior set menu
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The food

We ordered a Tori Katsu Curry Rice Zen and a Bara Chirashi Don Zen.

The staff specifically told us the wasabi on the bara chirashi was freshly grinded. We also noticed the wasabi in the small container looks different, so it should be the artificial wasabi.

The bara chirashi has quite a lot of raw fishes in it and it was satisfying. 

The katsu curry on the other hand was quite ordinary. Portion was huge though.

bara chirashi
Bara chirashi served with freshly grinded wasabi
curry katsu set
Katsu curry set
dinner set
Dinner situation
side window seating

The environment and price

Konnichiwa maintains the previous setting of Wasabi. We noticed the kaiten belt was no longer in operation. Overall the environment was  comfortable and service was prompt.

Konnichiwa interior

What we liked about Konnichiwa?

  • Huge variety of set meal
  • Comfortable dining setting


Konnichiwa The Hub SS 2:

B-G-03A, Jalan Harapan, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Konnichiwa interior

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