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Petaling Jaya,  Western

myBurgerLab Sea Park – Good Burger as Always

Went back to myBurgerLab for more burger in a short period. This time round we ordered through their online store (link: here) and chose to self pick up the foods in the store.ย 

Recently they are also offering vaccination rewards for those vaccinated. It will be RM 10 off from the price.

sloppy joe burger
Sloppy Joe - Fried Chicken Thigh Burger

The Burger Menu

Their signature dishes are no doubt the many variety of creative serving. There are beef, chicken and non-meat version. They also serve some appetizer and side to go with the meal.

Check out their menu: here.

pop corn chicken
Pop Corn Chicken
the in-n-out tribute burger myburgerlab
In-n-Out Tribute - Beef Burger

The burger

This time round we had ‘Sloppy Joe’, ‘In-n-out Tribute’ and a pack of pop corn chicken.

The Sloppy Joe came with a huge fried chicken thigh, it was really sloppy with the sauce. Cheesy and slightly salty.ย 

The In-n-Out Tribute came with double cheddar beef patty seared their secret sauce. Juicy every bite.

The pop corn chicken was very addictive, paired with the green sauce (unsure what exactly it was), hard to stop and had to take bite after bite ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall we like the burger and like the pop corn chicken the most.

sloppy joe burger
Sloppy Joe

The environment and burger price

The two burgers and pop corn chicken came to about RM 50+.

Check out the environment from our previous visit:ย here. Currently they do not allow dine-in yet.

Worth returning?


MyBurgerLab Sea Park:

14, Jalan 21/22, Sea Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

pop corn chicken myburgerlab
pop corn chicken

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