dinner at luckypot ss2
Chinese,  Petaling Jaya

Luckypot SS 2 幸湘菜馆 – Mala Spicy Cuisine

LuckyPot SS 2 recently opened its door, we are delighted. The reason is that, as far as we can recall, there are not many restaurants around SS 2 area serving Sichuan/ Hunan cuisine with spicy mala foods. 

We know there are plenty of them around Kota Damansara and in the KL area (such as Sunway Velocity and Pudu)

We were there on Saturday 5pm therefore manage to get a seat by just walking-in. By 6pm, the restaurant was having full house and many diners had to wait outside the shop.

drunken chicken
Starter - HuaDiao chicken or the drunken chicken marinated using Chinese wine. The taste of wine was really strong, almost like drinking wine if sip on the gravy. This was a cold dish, the chicken was tender and the wine gravy infused into the chicken perfectly
bean curd in vinaigrette
Starter - bean curd in vinaigrette. This was also a cold dish, the bean curd was like noodle, the gravy was not too spicy but rich in taste. Coriander elevated this dish well

The Menu

Plenty of spicy, mala dishes to choose from, checkout LuckyPot’s menu from their FB: here.

luckpot ss2 mala dinner
Dinner situation at LuckyPot SS 2
hunan chicken pot
Hunan chicken pot. The gravy was not spicy, more like braised chicken. The chicken was tender enough. If you are going for something with more spicy kicks, skip this chicken pot
spicy pot pork slices
Spicy pot pork slices. This was the star dish of our dinner. The pork slices was deep fried and coated with spicy mala herbs such as a lot of dried chilies, peppercorn, sesame seeds, and peanut. This dish gave the numbing sensation that we were looking after in the mala dish. We like this a lot
huadiao chicken
Drunken chicken
hunan chicken pot
Hunan chicken pot
spicy pot pork slices
Mala pork slices
bean curd in vinaigrette
Bean curd
brown sugar bingfen
Dessert - brown sugar bingfen. It was actually jelly in brown sugar with some condiments such as raisins. Icy cold jelly after the numbing tongue was a good choice for dessert
brown sugar bingfen
The cooling jelly with condiments
promo item
LuckyPot is running lucky draw. We managed to get 8 grilled sticks by lucky draw and 5 extra by giving them a Google review. Total 13 of grilled sticks for us to redeem, just that there are some conditions as written by the restaurant

What do We Like about LuckyPot SS2?

  • Spicy mala foods are our favorite. We like the pork slices, HuaDiao chicken and brown sugar bing fen
  • Good ambience and foods were tasty
  • The lucky draw was interesting

185, Jalan SS 2/24, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

luckypot ss2

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