dinner at jane's nem seksyen 17
Petaling Jaya,  Vietnamese

Jane’s Nem Seks. 17 – Truly Vietnamese Flavours

Jane’s Nem is located in Sekyen 17, opposite the famous Seventeen’s food street (Wai Sek Kai). Above 99 Speedmart, it is quite easy to locate the shop.

The shop’s setup was very simple and no-frills. The foods on the other hand, were tasty and surpassed our expectation.

banh mi
The banh mi of Jane's Nem was the star. The baguette was crunchy on the outside and soft inside, this really reminded us of the banh mi we had in Ho Chi Minh City. The one we ordered was grilled chicken as shown in the photo. This was definitely better than other food chain.
beef pho
The beef pho with flat noodle. The beef was tender and full of the beefy taste (which we liked) and the broth was fragrant and full of flavours. The herbs definitely did its job in bringing out the taste of this hearty bowl
jane's nem menu
Click to Enlarge Menu. The menu of Jane's Nem - simple yet not short of choices. The pho, according to the menu, used 16 hours to simmer the soup of beef bones.
banh mi menu
The banh mi - with many varieties and option to add on. Forget Subway, have a banh mi instead 🙂
drink and desset menu
The drink and dessert menu
banh dried noodle
The Bun - dried noodle. It came with dried noodle, dipping sauce, salad and the pork slices. The dipping sauce was just at the right balance of sweet and savoury taste. Paired nicely with the dried noodle and salad.
beef pho
The tender beef slices and sweet broth
beef pho flat noodle
The flat noodle of beef pho
bun dried noodle
The beautifully charred pork slices in the dipping sauce. Wasn't this just look tempting?
banh mi grilled chicken
Authentic grilled chicken banh mi
banh mi
bun dried noodle
Dried noodle in the dipping sauce
dinner at jane's nem seksyen 17
The dinner situation at Jane's Nem

What do We Like about Jane's Nem Seksyen 17?

  • Authentic Vietnamese cuisine within the vicninity of Petaling Jaya
  • The banh mi, pho and ban were all delicious. The baguette used for banh mi really reminded us of what we had in Ho Chi Minh City

1st Floor, 1081, Jalan 17/27, Seksyen, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (Above 99 Speedmart)

jane's nem seksyen 17
overseeing the seksyen 17 market
jane's nem interior
jane's nem seksyen 17 interior

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