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Kichi Cha Sea Park – A Tranquil and Hidden Cha Place

If we did not walk past Kichi Cha and saw the little sign board at the staircase area, we would never noticed this cafe or should say tea house hidden upstairs in the always hustling Sea Park. There was a big sign board but guess it was blocked by the view and also it was high up there so we hardly notice it.

The Sea Park market area has been so matured that people usually went there for groceries, pharmacy (there are at least 3 pharmacies in the small area) or to look for proper meal. 

The establishment of Kichi Cha was like out of the norm and to our surprise it has been operating since March 2021.

Never imagined to have a air well/ open air in the building

The Menu of Kichi Cha

Proclaimed to be Tea House, Kichi Cha serves only tea related beverages. From the menu, there are old tree tea, white tea, Oolong tea, black tea, raw black tea, ‘not boba milk tea’ and etc. 

There were not foods found in the menu, only mala pop corn bite (using plant based meat) as seen in the entrance and some cakes available.

Click the photo to zoom into the menu
Orange cake and Water Turtle (Da Hong Pao) Oo Long Tea

The food and tea of Kichi Cha

We ordered a water turtle Oolong tea or the so called Da Hong Pao (大红袍) tea for sharing. It was served with a pot of boiled water, a serving pot and two glasses for us to make the tea. The owner had also kindly explained to us as in to rinse, smell and soak the tea before drinking it. 

He also shared that we can refill the hot water twice. In fact it was not necessary as we can’t even finish one and half pot of water. We are not tea expert but like usual Chinese tea, the Oolong was smooth and fragrance. 

The tea went well with the orange cake also. The cake was sweet and the tea kind of washed away the taste and acted like palate cleanser.

The environment of Kichi Cha

As Kichi Cha is hidden upstairs, it was quiet when we visited, there were no customer sitting outside as it was quite a hot weather. However we imagine it would be chilling to sit there to enjoy the night. 

The area was not huge with the main area having three main tables and a bar table. There was also a room with a bigger table for bigger gathering. 

The vibe was laid back and we liked it.

Worth returning?

Yes to experience the night time ambience and to try out the matcha and the ‘not bubble tea’.

Kichi Cha: IG

33, Jalan 21/17, Sea Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Water Turtle Oo Long Tea
There is actually a big signboard but we never noticed it

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