Nyonya Restaurant - Nyonya mee & Beef Rendang
Local Flavor,  Nyonya,  Petaling Jaya

Nyonya Restaurant – Authentic Baba Nyonya cuisine

Nyonya restaurant, in SS 2/24 Petaling Jaya serving Baba Nyonya cuisine. The restaurant strategically located fronting the busy road of SS/24, which easily observable with the “Nyonya” signboard. 

We decided to explore the place out for our crave of nyonya food, for our dinner.

Nyonya Restaurant

Nyonya Restaurant - The Menu (Click Photos to Enlarge)

They have quite a variety of choices and dishes good for family and friends’ catch up or “makan-makan”. There are also noodles and rice for individual, in their menu.

Their signatures dishes are such as, ikan gulai tumis, sambal udang petai (yum yum – for those petai lover), sayur paku, perut ikan, everything looks mouth watering and of course Pie Tee (a must have for nyonya restaurant).

Now, check out the others dishes – they have gado gado, mengkuang char, kerabu sotong, kerabu ladyfingers, kerabu mango (slurp) and many more. 

Nyonya Restaurant - Nyonya mee & Beef Rendang
Nyonya Mee & Beef Rendang set

For a meal of two, we ordered their nyonya mee and one special set dinner meal. 

For the set meal, you can opt between curry chicken or beef rendang with rice, it is served together with sambal sotong, acar, soup and a dessert. Meanwhile, for dessert selections they have cendol, sago gula Melaka, ais kacang and etc. 

As for Nyonya Mee, it is yellow noodles cooked with prawn and chicken bites in thick flavorful  gravy, reminded me of “Lam Mee/ Hailam Mee”. 

Beef rendang was quite good, together with sambal sotong and acar, it goes well with rice. 

Sambal Sotong
Beef Rendang
Nyonya Restaurant - Kerabu Mango
Kerabu Mango
Nyonya Restaurant - Nyonya Mee
Nyonya Mee

We ordered Kerabu Mango as add-on, a shredded mango served together with shallot, peanuts, cili padi, dried shrimps tossed in their savoury dressing – delicious.


The cendol from the set meal.  

Nyonya Restaurant
Nyonya restaurant interior

Overall, the food was good. There are plentiful of dishes in their menu to try from ikan gulai tumis, sayur paku, sambal udang petai (ooops, i’m repeating myself,  means its tempting haha) to kerabu sotong, kerabu ladyfingers (looking forward for this in our next visit).

The restaurant is clean, spacious and comfortable.


52, Jalan SS 2/24, Petaling Jaya.

Operating hours:

Lunch 11.30 to 3pm (Daily)

Dinner 6pm to 9.30pm (Weekdays) & 5pm to 10pm (Weekend)


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