Dave's deli quarter chicken
Petaling Jaya,  Western

Dave’s Deli Atria Shopping Gallery – Tasty Magic Sauce

We have been frequented Dave’s Deli and just noticed we have not written anything about it yet. So here are the photos from two of our visits.

Dave's deli quarter chicken
The magic brown sauce is the key to everything. It went well with everything on the plate.
Dave's deli quarter chicken
Two sets of quarter roasted chicken. One with mash potato and another one with grilled vegetables as the side

The Menu

The signature dish of Dave’s is definitely the roasted chicken. Similar concept with Nando’s, we may pick from quarter or half chicken and add on the sides.

Check out Dave’s Deli menu here: menu.

quarter chicken with mashed potato
The flooded magic sauce on mashed potato and quarter roaster chicken - best scene to see. Not to forget that the mashed potato was very rich and creamy as well
quarter chicken with mexican rice
For this set we had spicy Mexican rice as the side. The magic sauce was separated to not make the rice lumpy
spicy mexican rice
The spicy Mexican rice
quarter chicken
Juicy chicken dipped with magic brown sauce. The brown sauce can be refilled free of charge
dave's deli magic sauce

What do We Like about Dave's Deli?

  • The magic sauce is tasty and goes well with all the stuffs. Be it the roasted chicken, mashed potato or rice. Flood it or dip it, both are great. Dave’s Deli provides free refill of the magic sauce too
  • The mashed potato is rich and creamy

Dave’s Deli @ Atria Shopping Gallery

C26, Jalan SS 22/23, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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