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Chef Hong Kitchen Seks 19 – Satisfying Dinner

Chef Hong Kitchen is located in Seksyen 19, nearby to SS 2. It has a sister’s restaurant just a few shop lots away. According to Chef Hong’s staff, both restaurants are related, though having different names.

The signature sweet and sour pork buried in ice bed
Fried sotong in pepper and salt with chili and spring onions
Seng kwa and tofu in thick gravy served in claypot
Click to Enlarge Menu. Many dishes to choose from. Some interesting dishes we noticed were such asclaypot kangkung with shrimp paste, charcoal beancurd and etc. We did not order them in this visit but very likely will return to Chef Hong as it left good impression to us.
More dishes to choose from - seafoods and more seafoods
A bed of ice on top of the chilled sweet and sour pork
Dinner at Chef Hong Kitchen SS 2
The pork was coated in shiny sweet and sour sauce. Just slightly chilled with the ice, quite a unique feel and tasty as it should be
The pepper salt, chili and spring onion combination were very appetizing. This was so good to go with the rice
The seng kwa was soft, gravy was thick and most importantly the celery leaves elevated the taste of this dish so well
Steamed rice served in metal bowl
Chef Hong Kitchen

What do We Like about Chef Hong Kitchen?

  • Unique chilled sweet and sour pork in ice bed
  • All the dishes were nicely and tasty done
  • Comfortable dining experience. We did not make a reservation during their full house night, the staff was helpful enough to slot us in for a table

Chef Chew Kitchen Restaurant 滋味饭店:

52, Jln 19/3, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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