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Anmour Cafe SS 2 – Western Delights

Anmour Cafe, a recently opened cafe in SS 2. It is a local brand aims to introduce quality American culture foods to the local scene. It is located same row with Murni SS 2.

mushroom soup with bun
Mushroom soup was very thick. We ordered the mushroom soup with one of the main, entitled for some discount. The bun and gravy were complimentary, all diners will get one of those.
paella with iberico pork
"Paella" with iberico pork.

The Menu

anmour ss2 menu
There are A LOT of choices in the menu. Be prepared to be spoilt by choices
anmour ss2 menu
The burger menu
anmour ss2 menu
Assorted pasta menu
anmour ss2 menu
The chicken series - chicken chops are the main variety
anmour ss2 menu
The meat series
anmour ss2 menu
The rice series
anmour history
The history of Anmour
bun with gravy
The complimentary bun with the dipping gravy. Unknown what was the flavour of the gravy though
grilled chicken breast
Grilled cajun chicken with cheese and shroom. The cheese was stuffed inside the chicken breast. The chicken was marinated in some kind of sweet sauce (honey maybe).
paella with iberico pork
The iberico pork 'paella'. This was actually a pork fried rice in a plastic pan (not the real iron pan)
grilled chicken breast
Grilled chicken breast. Luckily the meat was not too dry
grilled chicken breast with stuffed cheese
Stuffed cheese in the grilled chicken breast
anmour ss 2
Bright and spacious interior

What do We Like about Anmour Cafe @ SS 2?

  • The many variety from the menu for diners to choose from 
  • Foods are tasty and reasonably priced
  • Comfortable dining environment

25G, Jalan SS 2/75, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

anmour ss2 since 2011
Anmour Cafe - Since 2011

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