som tum
Petaling Jaya,  Thai

Pok Pok Thai, Sea Park – Authentic Thai Cuisine

Without much notice, the humble stall – Pok Pok Thai has been around in Paramount Kopitiam for many years. Tried once before but did not wow us. It was not until recently when we went back, the spicy som tum captured our stomach.

authentic pad thai
The Pad Thai has two big fresh succulent prawns in it
rad na kueh teow
Rad Na - similar to Wat Tan Hor
pok pok thai cuisine
The menu is quite basic for a stall. There are around 10 main dish and few som tum choices. Click to Enlarge Menu
pok pok thai cuisine menu
Click to Enlarge Menu
pok pok som tum
Som tum with fish sauce - this has sour kick and was very spicy. It was very appetizing with the fish sauce in it
dinner situation
This was what we ordered during the first round we went recently
very spicy
The spicy som tum
pad thai
Authentic Pad Thai - nicely stir fried
big prawn
Big prawn in the Pad Thai
rad na kueh teow
Rad Na
rad na
kailan with sitr fried pork
Kai lan stir fried pork slices - the kai lan was still crunchy
minced pork with holy basil
Minced pork fried with holy basil. This was flavorful and not too salty
som tum
The dried shrimp som tum. Different ingredients but same tastiness
pok pok thai dinner
These was what we ordered during second visit to Pok Pok Thai
no frill store
The humble chef and stall owner. He and a friendly Thai lady tend the stall

What do We Like about Pok Pok Thai?

  • Authentic Som Tum, flavorful and spicy. It is the must order side dish
  • Friendly and good service from the humble stall. Apart from the spiciness of Som Tum, what we remembered the most was the smiling face of the Thai lady greeting us

Pok Pok Thai, Paramount Kopitiam, Sea Park

50, Jalan 21/19, Sea Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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