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Zhao Ji Chuan Cheng 1U – Milk Bricks & Milk Custard

Back to Zhao Ji Chuan Cheng (趙記傳承) again! The first visit for the ginger milk custard was good (read it here). Therefore we have been wanting to try the milk bricks which we did not order the previous round. 

milk brick
Milk bricks were yummy
zhao ji chuan cheng lunch
Waiting for the sandglass to finish flowing

The Menu

Menu is available in our previous post. Chao Ji Chuan Cheng serves wide range of Cantonese desserts. This time round, we noticed they have been certified halal so there were Muslim customers visiting as well 🙂

ginger milk custard
GInger milk custard
ginger milk custard

The food

We ordered the must have ‘ginger knocks milk’ or the ginger milk custard. Also ordered the milk bricks that we have been waiting for. Together with a noodle in their secret sauce and a black sesame paste.

We did not add on mango like previous round for the ginger milk custard. The plain custard was already very good with the ginger flavor. It has a softer than tau fu fah’s (soy beancurd) texture, we liked it.

As for the milk bricks, it was chewy and milky, wrapped with the santan flakes, made it very fragrant. Four pieces in a plate were definitely not enough 😉

The black sesame paste was piping hot throughout the meal, not too sweet and the paste was quite thick.

The secret sauce noodle was ok, the noodle’s texture was similar to wantan noodle. 

milk brick
zhao ji chuan cheng

The environment and price

There was only one table when we stepped in but the shops were almost full when we left, guess it was due to the after-lunch’s crowds who were looking for desserts.

The bill came to about RM40 for the four items we had.

halal and muslim friendly
Halal certified

Worth returning?

Definitely yes for more ginger milk custard.

Zhao Ji Chuan Cheng 趙記傳承:

G213, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.


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