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Zhao Ji Chuan Cheng (趙記傳承) – Cantonese Dessert

Zhao Ji Chuan Cheng opened since last year. Not sure why we have been skipping 1Utama hence until now only we got the chance to try it. Luckily it is still surviving (touch wood).

Zhao Ji Chuan Cheng serves Cantonese/ Hong Kong style desserts, guess it is pork free as we saw there are Muslim staff.

We recently went for the second time, check out the milk bricks here.

Zhaoji Chuan Cheng Dessert

The Menu of Zhao Ji Chuan Cheng

The menu is a one pager but full of the dessert they serve. There are ginger milk custard, double milk custard, taro ball series, sago ball series. Not only that they are also peach gum series, taufah pudding series, mango series, guiling jelly series and traditional Cantonese dessert. 

The specialty we noticed is the ginger milk custard – we actually do not know where else to find them in Klang valley. Some other items that we did not order are such as the double milk custard, and the milk brick, maybe next round.

Zhao Ji Chuan Cheng also serves savory items such as siu mai, chicken wing, dried noodle etc. Good place for tea break.

Mango milk custard
Milk is poured into the bowl with ginger sauce
Ginger milk custard
In three minutes the milk custard is formed

The food

We ordered one mango ginger milk custard and a red bean taufah pudding taro ball dessert.  

The staff brought the bowl with ginger sauce in it and poured the milk into the bowl in front of us. The milk and ginger ‘knocked’ each other and formed the milk custard in three minutes. We were given a small hourglass to count the time, once the sand finished flowing, we may open the lid.

And it was kind of magical for the milk custard to form in such a short time, what is more magical was the milk custard tastes so heavenly. So simple yet so nice! The custard is soft in texture but was not the typical taufah texture. It was much softer and just melted in our mouth with a hint of ginger which was not too strong. I give 5 stars for this 🙂 The mango is to go with the custard and to be honest, the milk custard was already very good on its own.

The taufah pudding on the other hand, was just mediocre. Just like usual pudding / jelly with some milk, red bean and taro ball. We should have skipped this and had another bowl of milk custard instead.


Zhaoji Chuan Cheng Dessert

The environment and price

Exterior of Zhao Ji Chuan Cheng

Clean, neat and quite a spacious shop in a rather hidden and newly opened walkway of 1U. They only accept e-wallet and they accept no cash.

The bill came to about RM 25+ for two types of dessert.

Worth returning to Zhao Ji Chuan Cheng?

Yes. We would want to have another bowl of the ginger milk custard and try out the double milk and milk brick.

Zhao Ji Chuan Cheng (趙記傳承): G213, Ground Floor, Promenade Shops, One Utama Shopping Centre


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