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Yuen Kee Home Town Cafe – Taman Paramount

Yuen Kee Home Town Cafe is another long standing restaurant within the Taman Paramount neighborhood. When talking about fish head noodle in Taman Paramount, Chef Loh is usually the one being mentioned. Yuen Kee actually serves not only fish head noodle but more variety of foods as well.


Sambal petai minced meat with rice. The portion of petai was quite generous
The highlight of the dinner - fried ma yau fish (thread fin fish). The shredded garlics, onions and chili padi together with lime juice made the crunchy fish extra tasty
Click to Enlarge Menu. There are quite a lot dishes to choose from
Premium steamboat, single plate, and snacks are among others to choose from
Tempting lala fried mee hoon. Look at the shiny mee hoon
Sinchew fried mee hoon was done well. The wok hei was good and the bean sprouts were crunchy
Sambal petai
Lala in the fried mee hoon
Chili padi with the crunchy ma yau fish
The ma yau fish was a must order
Fish paste noodle in clear soup

What do We Like about Yuen Kee Home Town Cafe?

  • The crunchy fried ma yau fish with the shredded garlics, onions, chili padi and lime juice was very nicely done
  • The many variety of dishes to choose from

41, Jalan 20/16, Taman Paramount, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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