young sanna mee ss2
Chinese,  Petaling Jaya

Young Sanna Mee 养桑拿面, SS 2 – Hot Stone Pot

Recently tried out Young Sanna Mee in SS 2. An eatery claims to offer healthy food, with vegan options.

The signature dish is the individual hot pot serves in a hot stone pot.

young sanna mee ss2
Sanna mee served in hot stone pot. The staff will pour the soup at the table. The extremely hot stone will immediately boil the soup to boiling point and cooked all the ingredients with the heat.
piping hot
The pumpkin noodle was overly cooked by the piping hot soup. Should have told the staff to separate the noodle so that we may cook it at our preference texture.
mixed veggie noodle
The mixed veggie noodle. We added on the veggie hence the portion was bigger. Deep fried noodle - not sure if it is really 'healthy'.
hot stove
Pork belly in the sanna mee. One pot is for one person's portion with assorted veggie within the pot
boiling sanna mee ss2
Boiling hot soup, it is better to let it cool before quickly put into the mouth
mixed veggie noodle
Beautiful colours
chili sauce and condiments
A few condiments and chilies sauce to go with the foods. The chili was good
boiling sanna mee
young sanna mee ss2
Clean and bright interior
interior of young sanna mee ss2

What do We Like about Young Sanna Mee, SS 2?

  • An unique experience of hot stone pot individual steamboat
  • The soup base was flavourful

No. 52, Jalan SS 2/61, 47300, Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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