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YGF Malatang, 1Utama – Spicy Delight

YGF Malatang is definitely a place you have to check out, if you are a fan of spicy food (particularly Sichuan spicy).

With its first outlet in Malaysia located at One Utama, YGF is a Chinese restaurant that serves a type of hot pot called malatang. Malatang, which literally means “numbing spicy hot”, is a popular street food in China that is enjoyed by many.

beef slices in spicy soup mild flavour
Beef slices in beef stock. YGF is a pork free establishment
dinner at ygf malatang one utama
Dinner situation
octopus in spicy soup
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The Foods

At YGF Malatang, you get to choose your own ingredients and create your own perfect bowl of malatang. The process is simple – first, you can pick your ingredients from a variety of options available in the fridge. There are different types of meat, vegetables, and carbs to choose from, and the price for both meat and vegetable options is the same. This means that you can load up on as many vegetables as you like without having to worry about the cost. Once you have picked your ingredients, you pay for your bowl of malatang, and the staff will prepare it for you.

Then, you choose your soup base from either the spicy soup or the tomato soup. The spicy soup comes in different levels of spiciness, so you can choose the level that suits your taste buds. The soup base is thick and flavourful, with the distinctive Sichuan numbing sensation that is characteristic of malatang.

processed food and vegetable selection
Processed foods and vegetable selection. All ingredients are RM 6.90 per 100g, regardless of meat or vegetable
seafood selection
The seafood and noodle selection
meat and noodle selection
The meat and noodle selection
the ingredients on weight
beverage selection
The beverage selection
sauce corner
The sauce corner, actually not required much sauce as the soup was good enough
bone soup spicy ygf malatang
The beef stock in mild spiciness level. Flavourful and rich in taste
spinach noodle
Spinach noodle in tomato soup base

The restaurant itself is spacious and well-lit, with a modern and minimalist interior. It is located along the way to the MRT station, making it convenient for those who want to grab a quick and satisfying meal before or after a shopping trip.

Overall, YGF Malatang offers a unique and highly customisable dining experience.

baby corn in tomato soup
Baby corn in tomato soup
ygf malatang one utama dining area
Spacious interior

What do We Like about YGF Malatang One Utama?

  • Thick, rich in flavour’s soup with the spicy numbing sensation, addictive!
  • Customisable meal according to the ingredients we picked. We may also choose soup base and spiciness level

Lot G621-G622 Ground Floor One Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

ygf malatang one utama

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