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Yang Ki Beef Noodles Sea Park – Simple yet Tasty Beef

Yang Ki Beef Noodles, Sea Park is one of our favorite place to go for beef noodle. The other one being Soong Kee Beef Noodle located few steps away, check out our previous entry.

dried noodle with minced beef
Dried noodles with minced pork
beef slices
Beef slices in clear yet flavorful soup

The Menu

Yang Ki listed all the items they serve on a big signboard in front of the stall. They have few options to choose from such as mixed beef noodle, beef ball noodle, sliced beef noodle. The signature dish would be the braised beef brisket and radish.

For those who does not want the have noodle, the stall also offers soup and ala carte items.

yang ki noodles
Click to enlarge the signboard
beef balls
Beef balls

The beef noodles

We ordered two bowls of dried noodles, one with beef slices and another one with beef balls.

Also added on a bowl of soup dumplings with four pieces in it. Didn’t go for the beef brisket with radish as we want something lighter for the breakfast.

The soup looked clear with beef slices and beef balls, however it definitely did not taste plain. It was very flavorful and sweet in its taste. 

The noodles at Yang Ki was quite similar to Soong Kee Beef Noodles. Both are our favorite so far.

The chili was good to dip with the beef slices and balls too. 

yang ki noodles breakfast
Breakfast situation
soup dumpling
Soup dumpling
yang ki beef noodles
Dried noodles with minced beef
dumpling soup
Soup dumpling

The environment and price

Yang Ki Beef Noodles were situated at a corner of  Restoran MJ Wang in Sea Park. It is a coffee shop stall which serves various foods.

The breakfast costed us around RM 25.

steamy stall

What do we like about Yang Ki Beef Noodles?

  • The beef slices and beef balls were simply tasty

Yang Ki Beef Noodles, Sea Park (Inside Restoran MJ Wang):

3, Jalan 21/17, Sea Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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