grilled beef slice
Japanese,  Petaling Jaya

Yakiniku Kuro, 1 Utama – Modern Japanese Grilled Beef

Saw the recently opened Yakiniku Kuro few weeks back and have been planning to try it out.

It seems to be lesser Japanese grill house in 1Utama which the other one we can think of being Rocku Yakiniku.


grill beef before
Grilling in progress. The grilling net was extra clean and shiny. We like it that way.
grilled beef
The heating rod may not look orange/ red but it was actually hot and just right temperature to grill the beef to desired wellness
yakinuku kuro one utama menu set meal
The menu of Yakiniku Kuro. There are few types of beef to choose from. All set meal includes rice, soup, kimchi or salad. There are some vegetables and side dish for add on.
yakinuku kuro one utama beef part
Get to know your meat. The beef was from Australia and Japan
order of the day
The price of the set meal we ordered during our visit
wagyu rib eye price
Wagyu beef price was not fixed. This was the price during our visit.
kuro trio set meal
Kuro Trio set meal, with three types of beef which are beef short plate, chuck and skirt. This set meal came without marinate. We just put some pepper to grill it and dip with some salt to eat
karubi set yakiniku kuro
Harubi set meal. The beef short plate was quite a fatty cut. This set meal came with marinate
beef on the grill net
Grilling the beef
grilled beef yakiniku
The beef was done grilling. Waiting to be devoured
sweet and sour sauce, salt and pepper
Rice, salt and pepper to go with the yakiniku beef
japanese rice
yakinuku kuro one utama
There are usual desk seating and high stool type of grilling place
desk seating
clean grill net
Clean and shiny grilling net
utensil in the drawer
Utensils are in the drawer under the table

What do We Like about Yakiniku Kuro, 1 Utama?

  • The beef was rich in flavour, just some pepper and salt were good to taste.
  • The self grilling was easy and simple. Moreover the air suction was good as we did not leave with strong smell on our clothes.
  • We do not feel too warm sitting in front of the grilling net, the dining experience was comfortable.
Lot LG311B, 1 Utama Shopping Centre. 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama Petaling Jaya, 47800 Selangor
yakinuku kuro one utama
Yakiniku Kuro has quite some crowds during our visit on a Saturday

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