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Xiao Man Dumpling, One Utama – Tasty Dumplings

Xiao Man Dumpling, we first stumbled upon when having takoyaki at the area where there are many food kiosks located. The menu is quite extensive hence attracted us to visit it.

dinner at xiao man dumpling
Dumpling in hot soup - tasty dumpling and flavorful soup

The Menu

Although there is only one pager of menu, the choices Xiao Man offers are quite a lot. It serves dumplings, noodle, rice and snacks. There is a note indicating their mee hoon came all the way from HsinChu, Taiwan, not the typical mee hoon found in Malaysia.

By adding RM8, we get to make our meal a set with side dish + any drink. By adding RM10, we get to have a side dish and pick a shaved ice.

xiao man menu
Click to enlarge the menu
xiao man set meal
xiao man dumpling one utama
The coming soon menu

The food

We ordered a HsinChu dumpling tofuย clear soup mee hoon, a XL fried chicken cutlet rice and added on a bowl of Chinese cabbage pork dumpling of 8 pieces.

The clear soup mee hoon’s flavor was light yet sweet because of the minced pork paste. The mee hoon’s texture on the other hand was quite ‘crunchy’, or should we say different from the usual mee hoon found in Malaysia. The imported mee hoon from Taiwan really tasted differently.

The fried chicken chop rice was just alright. The chicken chop was actually not XL as described in the menu.

The highlight of the dinner would be the Chinese cabbage pork dumpling. The dumplings were served half way through the meal and the soup was hot. Good timing to have it like we just started the meal. The dumplings were juicy and it went out with the black vinegar. Too bad Xiao Man did not provide shredded ginger to add into vinegar. The dumplings were good and have decided to just order dumplings only during our next visit ๐Ÿ™‚

mee hoon soup
xiao man dumpling
xiao man cashier
xiao man dumpling one utama interior

The environment and price

The shop is not big but it is neat and tidy.

The bill came to about RM 56 for the items we had.

xiao man counter

What do we like about Xiao Man Dumpling?

  • Wide variety of Taiwanese style foods
  • The mee hoon with better texture
  • The tasty dumpling

Xiao Man Dumpling, One Utama:

LG115, One Utama, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

xiao man dumpling one utama

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