Xiang La La Mala Hotpot
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Xiang La La 香辣辣 Mala Hotpot SS2 – Just Nice for Level 2 Spiciness

When the mala crave strikes, we settled with the nearer one – Xiang La La Mala Hotpot in SS 2.

Actually been so used to Hotpot Kitchen in One Utama if we want to have mala dishes, so their taste and flavor have been registered as the original and authentic mala in our mind.

However due to movement control, we have been trying not to go too far. Therefore it has been many months since we set foot into One Utama needless to say to dine in in Hotpot Kitchen. 

Xiang la la mala hotpot instant noodle

The Menu

Lotus root
Xiang la la mala hotpot

We tried Xiang La La once previously, but the experience was not as good as Hotpot Kitchen so we stopped going back. We gave them a second chance by taking away their mala this round to see if there is any difference from first experience.

Similar to other mala restaurants, Xiang La La displays their ingredients for customer to choose from: pick and put into a bowl for weighing to calculate the price.

The ingredients offering are quite standard from meats, seafoods, vegetables and noodles. 

The shop offers 5 spiciness level from garlic (non-spicy) to extremely spicy (4 chilies label).

Salted egg flavour

The Mala Hotpot in Xiang La La

For this round, we randomly took some ingredients and added one instant noodle and one white rice. Instant noodle in mala flavor is heavenly 🙂

For spiciness, we went for level 2 with two chilies in the label. Surprisingly it tasted good, not too spicy (to me) and better than our first visit where we took level 1 spiciness. For comparison, Xiang La La’s level 2 equals to Hotpot Kitchen’s level 1 spiciness.

On the other hand, Xiang La La lacked the numbness from the peppercorn, for this I still prefer Hotpot Kitchen. Another point to note is there was no soup provided to go with the meal.

The environment and price

The shop is still new but due to movement control we are unable to dine in. 

The price range from RM 3.90 to RM 13 per 100g. They are labelled in different colours. It was quite difficult to match the labelled color against the ingredients though.

Worth returning?

Yes during those days unable to go to Hotpot Kitchen in One Utama.

Address: 8, Jalan SS 2/67, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Xiang La La

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