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Village Grocer – 8 of Our Favorite Stuff

Village Grocer is the go to place during the lock down period. Cooking and preparing meals at home is the better choice as compared to regularly going out for take away.

That came with one problem. The regular groceries run has became dull weeks after weeks. For that I switch to visit different grocer store once in a while to get some excitement and fresh ideas from the store’s offering.

However one thing for sure, I have been sticking to Village Grocer for the past three to four years.

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What I like about Village Grocer:

  1. The place is clean and neat, especially at the wet foods and fresh produces area. In another hypermarket, I once seen some little cockroaches crawling on the fruits, flies in the seafoods area. I never returned…
  2. I can pick up just one or two items for weighing instead of taking the entire pre-packed stuff.
  3. Various imported stuff from Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and etc. Woolworth seems like their partner. Seeing quite a number of Woolworth’s brand makes me reminisce the time I traveled to Australia. #misstraveling.
  4. Good service. Village Grocer has a ‘Just Ask’ tagline. It accommodates to my request all the times when I asked them for a smaller portion of vegetable.
  5. Bites loyalty system. ‘Bites’ is the system/ app to collect points for cash vouchers. They accept e-wallet as well, so it is like double points collection for using GrabPay and Bites
  6. Consistent offering and store standard at different location. I have been to their competitor’s store at old and new location. The differences are HUGE. 

1. House Japanese Curry (Curry-Ya)

Curry-Ya pack is the most value for money among other brands. The pack contains meat, carrots and potatoes. Just boil it with water, pour it to rice and a meal can be served.

house curry

2. Assorted Natto

I love to eat natto. There are at least four brands of natto in Village Grocer. 

assorted natto
natto village grocer

3. Hiyashi Chuka (Japanese Cold Noodle)

Another convenient meal, just boil the noodle and mix it with the sauce for a Japanese taste.

4. Ice Plant

Seldom found in other grocer, Ice Plant is available in Village Grocer. A tasty salad.

ice plant village grocer

5. Woolworth Classic Hot Chocolate

There are many Woolworth brand items, hot chocolate is one of them. I also got the pancake shaker from Village Grocer, check it out here.

6. Nespresso Decaf Coffee Capsules

A different brand and taste of coffee capsules.

7. Calli Low Calories Ice Cream

310 calories for one pint of ice cream??!!

8. Various half price 50% items

Wet or dried stuffs including seafood and beef, there are plenty of them on sales each time during my visit. Moreover, they are all fresh and packed on the same day.

Remember to use my referral code: cxEP6C to sign up for Bites. You will get RM 5 cash voucher with minimum RM 30 spending.

Who knows you may spark some joy or new ideas when visiting?

Check out their site: here.


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