Uncle Popiah Teluk Pulai
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Uncle Popiah – Teluk Pulai, Klang

Infamous street food Uncle popiah has been faithfully selling his famous fresh spring rolls (popiah). All this done on a motorcycle food cart along Jalan Mengkuang of Teluk Pulai, Klang. 

It is a famous and favorite tea-time snack among the Klangties (Teluk Pulai neighborhood). 

Uncle Popiah
Uncle preparing his made to order popiah

Uncle Popiah

For many years, this humble and friendly uncle has been selling his famous fresh spring rolls through a made-shift motorcycle food cart.

He will always park his food cart at the same spot under a huge shaded tree.

Uncle Popiah
Uncle's speedy and systematic flow from taking order to preparing customer orders
Uncle Popiah
Street food delicacies made of simple and freshly made ingredients
Uncle Popiah
Weekend queue & crowd
Price lists Uncle Popiah
Price list for customer ease and reference

Famous street food / snack

What made up a of a good and tasty popiah?

The spring rolls skin is a soft, thin paper-like pancake are made from wheat flour, secondly, the sweet bean sauce which layered as based of each popiah. 

Most importantly the filling (which is the soul of a popiah) a finely grated, stir-fried and steamed turnip along with diced Chinese sausage, diced fried tofu, finely julienne cucumber and shredded omelette.

Thereafter, chill sauce (with or without) based on individual preference.

You can also request uncle to slice the popiah into small bites size or leave it as a roll for you to chow down.

Uncle Popiah
Uncle Popiah
Sorry for the bite instead of nicely edged knive cut for frame . . . hehe 🙂

Uncle prepared a price list to ease his customer to check their billing (how much his/her orders) for self-service. 

In addition, when uncle is busy and handful with customer orders. He will tell his customer to self-service, just drop off the money into the money container and self service with the changes; that’s the level of trust with his customer. 

However, good thing with e-wallets where Uncle also adopted, this indeed help him out with the self-service and letting him focus preparing customer order.

Operating hours are usually from around noon into late afternoon. 


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