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Ume Tei Japanese Restaurant – New Location in MyTown

Ume Tei . . . finally they are back.

ume tei menu
Ume Tei Japanese Restaurant

Amcorp . . . BookXcess . . . MyTOWN ??

Ume Tei was established by a chef from Okinawa since 1977, operated in Amcorp Mall Petaling Jaya for 24 years.

We discovered this gem few years back since then and it has been the go-to-place for any celebration, festive, of course when’s there crave for Japanese food, they never fails to save the day. Our previous post on them: here.

Sadly, they have since moved away from Amcorp Mall and relocated to MyTown Shopping Mall enclaved within BookXcess book store. 

Yes, you read it right – they are now operating inside  BookXcess book store. 

ume tei menu
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ume tei menu

Ume Tei - They still rock !!!

In a brand new place, new dining setup and environment and even new utensils but yet importantly the same core team is maintaining the restaurant and its quality. Kudos.

We ordered Beef Steak set and Sashimi set both paired with garlic rice (you can opt for white rice too), love the dipping soy sauce with cut cili-padi (always goes well with the grill beef). This has definitely been adjusted to suit local taste buds.

While, Sashimi set will have chawanmushi and similarly miso soup, vegetables and fruit. Importantly check-out the sashimi cuts worth every dollar – rite.   

We tried their Chicken karaage, Grill Salmon, Chirashi and Ebi Tempura, among the repeated order (for us) always a satisfying meal.

Above all, their foods are good and very reasonably priced too.  

Brand new dining experience

Ume tei entrance in bookxcess
ume tei within bookXcess
Ume Tei setting
Ume Tei setting
Ume Tei setting

Love the new place, it blends in well with BookXcess bookstore though it’s kind of “hiding” from the others eatery but for good food people will hunt them down (haha).

Secondly, the place is spacious especially the high ceiling provided the additional space. Then, the earthly tone furniture and warm lighting set the mood for perfect place to chill and have your meals.     


Level 1, MyTOWN Shopping Centre, Jalan Cochrane, Seksyen 90, Kuala Lumpur. (They are inside BookXcess)

Operating Hours: 

Sat & Sunday – 11am to 9.30pm. Weekday 11am to 3pm – 5pm to 9.30pm


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