Toast & Roast
Chinese,  Petaling Jaya

Toast & Roast by Sean & Angie

Toast & Roast, as the name proclaimed the “the Real CharSiew” . . . well, totally agreed and hands down their “char siew” is impeccable delicious, literally melt in your mouth.ย 

Toast & Roast's menu

TNR served rice and noodles, they have their premium char siew rice, premium siew yoke rice. Also there’s various combination one can choose from too eg. premium char siew & siew yoke rice, premium char siew & chicken rice drumstick; for the more adventurous can try turbo meal – their power trio (char siew, siew yoke and chicken) – yummy.

Meanwhile, for noodles lover they have Hakka Noodles and Wonton Mee for you to pair with your liking be it siew yoke, char siew or even mince meat wonton mee, one interesting item; Happy Mee Hoon (TNR Mee Siam) – looking forward to try this pairing with their house specialty.

Finally, also not forgetting listed as special (not in their everyday menu) they have TNR Green Curry with rice and TNR Chicken Curry with rice.

Roast Pork & Chicken
Premium Siew Yoke & Chicken

What we had in Toast & Roast . . .

We ordered premium char siew & chicken with rice and Hakka Noodles with Char Siew. Also, as an add-on for sharing we tried out one of their side dishes “Atomic Kai Choy” which refers to spicy sour mustard green.ย 

Well . . . how it goes . . . look at the cut of the char siew, the glossy shining caramelized glaze over the top and the fatty layer. When one said, the food melt in your mouth; i got to agree that their char siew indeed literally melt in your mouth when you took that bite.

Sweet & Sour Green mustard
Hakka Mee
Hakka Noodles with Siew Yoke

Isn't that looks yum !!

Char Siew by TNR
Hakka Mee

TNR located at SS2/6, PJ. The restaurant is clean, ambience is good, can be crowded duringย  peak hours especially lunch time.

Worth returning?

Yup, will be returning to try out their Happy Mee Hoon also their Siew Yoke and weekday special TNR Green Curry rice.ย 

Toast & Roast's Menu
Toast & Roast by Sean & Angie
TNR by Sean and Angie


101, Jalan SS2/6, Petaling Jaya.

Operating Hours,

10am to 8pm (close Thursday)


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