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Toast Bar, Taman Paramount – Issac Toast Alike

Toast Bar has since ceased operation.

Eggy sandwich anyone? You can get it in Toast Bar. 

Finally we tried out Toast Bar, a sandwich shop located in Taman Paramount (non-halal).

toast bar sandwiches
The Menu

Toast Bar sandwiches

The sandwich, comes with toast brioche bun with scrambled egg and cheese as the main ingredient, then the different variety and choice of meat.

The Top 3 best sellers, firstly The MVP was served with Pork Ham, Bacon coupled with their homemade sauce, cabbage and parsley.

Second, The Super Mama was served with Pork Belly slices and their homemade sauce, cabbage and parsley.

Third best sellers are for those love spicy food, Korean Spicy Chicken  comes with Boneless Chicken Thigh and Gochujang Red Pepper Paste top with cabbage and parsley too. 

There’s two meatless selection in the menu too, Crispy Golden Potato served with Hash Brown while Mr Egg, will be scrambled egg, brioche bun, cheese, cabbage, parsley and their homemade sauce.

TB signature grilled pork
TB super mama
Super Mama & Signature Grilled Pork

What we ordered . . .

We ordered Signature Grilled Pork, The Super Mama and Americano.

It’s pretty similar between Grilled Pork and Super Mama, the different was grilled pork was slightly chunky as compare to pork slices.

Overall, not too overwhelmed brioche bun, kind of blend-well with the meats, scrambled eggs and cheese.

Though, it can be slightly messy with the sauces – that’s why glove are provided to keep the hand clean. 

So, those looking for quick bite on-the-go plan to eat in your car – may not be so convenient (hehe).

TB Exterior
Taman Paramount

Toast Bar - in bright yellow

toast bar interior

Toast Bar housed in a simple and minimal half shop lots setup. It’s theme, bright “egg yok” yellow decks its exterior and interior of the shop. 

It’s signature yellow, reminds you of the  bright egg-yolk / bright sunlight that gives you the Happy Morning vibes. 

toast bar americano

Address: 37G, Jalan 20/7, Taman Paramount, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday closed, 
  • Sunday to Saturday – 8am to 3pm.

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