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Thai Cow Cow – JioSpace Seksyen 19

Located in the vibrant neighborhood of JioSpace, Seksyen 19, Thai Cow Cow is an exciting new eatery that promises a delicious Thai-inspired dining experience. Recently, we visited Thai Cow Cow for dinner, where we indulged in their signature dishes. Though our experience was decent, we left eagerly anticipating our return to JioSpace to explore more gems.

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dinner at thai cow cow
flavourful soup

To begin with, we tried the Raw Beef & Meatballs with Egg Noodle. The thinly sliced, marinated raw beef paired perfectly with succulent meatballs and springy egg noodles. It was a harmonious blend of flavors and textures, leaving us craving more.

Continuing our exploration, we tried the Braised Beef with Thai Rice Noodle. The tender, slow-cooked beef combined with silky rice noodles and a flavorsome broth. Each spoonful transported us to the streets of Thailand, offering a comforting and satisfying experience.

Overall, our dining experience at Thai Cow Cow was enjoyable. While not the most exceptional Thai cuisine we’ve had, the flavors were decent and the presentation pleasing. The menu provided a good variety of dishes to suit different tastes.

Looking Forward to JioSpace’s Culinary Gems: we were filled with excitement for our next visit to JioSpace. This space is going to be home to more cafes and eateries, waiting to be explored.

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thai cow cow menu jiospace
dinner at thai cow cow
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What do We Like about Thai Cow Cow, JioSpace?

  • Beef and soup were flavourful
  • The location is new

Unit 12, JioSpace, Lot 1, Jalan 19/1b, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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