TGI Fridays dinner
Petaling Jaya,  Western

TGI Fridays One Utama – Lot of Fried Stuff

TGI Fridays was doing promotion with 40% off for all dishes. We ordered some stuffs from them as dinner. It even offered additional 10% for self pick up order through Whatsapp. Half price for TGI Fridays, no reason to say no right?

TGI Fridays Grilled chicken and fried shrimp
TGI Fridays Fish and Chips
Fried calamari

The Menu

Fish and chip
Fried calamari
Chicken breast
Fried shrimp

TGI Fridays published their menu here.

French fries
Mashed potato and pasta salad

The food of TGI Fridays

We ordered three dishes, all were fried stuff, oops.

1) grilled chicken breast and shrimp come with pasta and mashed potato

2) fish and chips

3) fried calamari rings

We were unable to put too high hope on the quality of foods as it was a take away. Noticed during our collection, the foods were ready for quite a while waiting for us to pick up. Good thing was we did not need to wait for the food preparation.

The set back was the foods were cold and the fried stuffs were not crunchy and crispy anymore. The batter of fried shrimp, the calamari rings and the fish and chips were all soft. The taste was still there so not too bad, after all can’t expect much after 50% discount. We were grateful to be able to have the food take away 🙂

TGI Fridays three sauces
Three sauces: tartar for fish and chips, tomato for calamari rings, and the black sweet sauce for grilled chicken breast

The price

The foods costed us around RM50 after the discount.

Worth returning to TGI Fridays?

Yes for the dine in. No for the take away.


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