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Dessert,  Kuala Lumpur,  Petaling Jaya

Soyya @ The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley

Passed by Soyya while walking around Mid Valley, it is located around the busy area that links to the Gardens. 

We like soya related dessert so we tried it out. 

It was refreshing to once a while try out new texture of tofufa apart from our usual choice – Dao.

soyya tofufah
A bowl of tofufa with taro balls on top. Served with a small cup of soya milk and syrup
The tofufa's texture was similar to tofu
soyya menu
Click to Enlarge Menu - many varieties of topping to go with the tofufa. There are also four types of syrup to choose from. The treasure tofufas definitely look tempting
soyya menu
Click to Enlarge Menu - the beverage menu. Ice and sweetness can be adjusted
soya milk
Click to Enlarge Menu - the interesting packet of soya milk
bottles of soya milk
Soya milk in packets and bottle
yam cube
Chewy taro balls to go with tofufa
soyya tofufah
Sliky smooth tofu alike tofufa
ginger syrup
We went for ginger syrup
soyya mid valley
The kiosk along busy area in Mid Valley/ The Gardens
soyya tofufa
The Golden Treasures tofufa
quiet corner
Cosy corner

What do We Like about Soyya?

  • Soyya serves tofufa with many add on
  • It also serves tofufa with a small cup of soya milk on top of the syrup choice

The Gardens Mall, LG-K28, Lower, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur

quiet corner of soyya

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