Meal with rice
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Soup Pack from Ah Soon – Convenient Meal

The Ah Soon soup pack caught our eyes and we ordered two packs from the seller.  Reason for buying was due to the conveniences and we had tried the actual soup in the shop. It was good.

Also it was due to we have been staying at home during MCO has made us running out of ideas to cook. So recently we have been resorting to online shopping to get some cooking ingredients.

Surprisingly it is like a new found land, there are so many ready meals in frozen pack or frozen ingredients ready for cooking.

The delivery was prompt and the soup pack arrived in two days, frozen. Good experience.

Ah soon soup pack
The packaging

The Soup Pack Ingredients

The soup pack came with many small packs in it. The ingredients included plum sauce, salted veggie, chili sauce, fried shallots, sliced pork, minced pork, meat balls, and sliced fish. Suitable for two to three servings.

From the instruction, we just need to add about 900ml to 1100ml of water, and put in all the ingredients. Then bring the soup to boil and it is ready to serve.

It also suggested to add some vegetables and tofu to make it more fulfilling.

Check out the cooking reel in our IG: here

The Soup

Soup pack

We added a tomato and fresh coriander to the soup. With two bowls of plain rice to make it a dinner.

It was convenient and can be prepared in 15 minutes.

The soup tasted very appetizing, tangy due to the plum sauce. It went well with the rice and the ingredients were fresh. A fulfilling dinner indeed.

We also made a simple lala soup before, check out: here.

Meal with rice
Chili sauce included as well
Soup pakc ingredient

The Soup Pack Price

We bought the soup pack at RM 23 per pack. RM 10 for the delivery.

Fish slice soup pack
pork slice soup pack
minced meat soup pack
meat balls soup pack

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