Sister Curry Mee
Chinese,  Petaling Jaya

Curry Noodles with Cockles – Seapark Petaling Jaya

From fancy cafe to local hawker delight, you found it all in Seapark Petaling Jaya. Sister curry noodles, one of the local delight and authentic hawker food not to be missed, housed in Restoran Sun Fatt Kee.

Sisters Curry Mee and Beef Noodles
Curry Mee & Beef Noodles
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Sister Curry's Menu

Check out their menu, their signature Curry Mee, Beef noodle and Chicken soup noodle. For those cockle lovers, this definitely not to be missed and am sure it brings delight in your curry mee; Yum Yum 🙂

Sister Curry Noodle
Curry Mee

Their curry’s broth was good, not too thick and creamy santan base, the proportion was just right. Each bowl of curry mee, comes with shredded chicken, long beans, beans sprouts, tofu pok and of coz the soul of curry mee – cockles. Look at the fresh cockle – drooling yet ? 🙂  

However, the portion was really small for a small bowl. 

Beef Noodle
Beef noodles - beef briskets
Beef Noodles

Beside the curry mee, we also tried Sister Beef Noodles too. We opted for mee hoon to go with the beef noodle. 

The broth was tasty and comes to my surprise that the broth came with little hint of spiciness which add the “kicks” to the broth. Nice !!! The beef briskets were tender and flavorful as well.

Curry noodles

Overall, we are happy with our breakie for both the Curry Mee and Beef Noodles. It satisfied our crave much. Thus, when you crave for the local delight and Malaysian hawker food, you find both in one stall. 

The only setback was if you are hungry, go for the big instead of small. As the small, indeed will be a pretty small serving. 

Sister Curry Noodles
Sister Curry

Worth returning?

Yes – definitely. When there’s a crave for curry mee or beef noodles, it will be one of my place to go.

Sisters Curry Mee (Restoran Sun Fatt Kee):

No. 2, Jalan 21/11B, Seapark 46300 Petaling Jaya.

Operating hours:

7am to 3pm except Thursday.


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