Shuang Siew Chicken Rice
Chinese,  Petaling Jaya

Shuang Siew Chicken Rice – Ultimate Comfort Food

One of my fav chicken rice place have always been – Shuang Siew Chicken Rice, which is located in Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya.

Chicken rice, always (at least, for me) the perfect comfort food anytime and anywhere. When one is out of idea what to dine for the day, chicken rice can be the ultimate rescued.

Chicken Rice
Roast chicken with beansprouts
Shuang Siew Chicken Rice

Shuang Siew chicken rice

Let’s check out their menu, they serve char siew chicken rice, roast pork chicken rice, of course (my personal fav) roast chicken rice, they have steam chicken too.

Beside that, one can have a combo of everything char siew, roast pork & chicken rice. 

Furthermore, if one perfect non-rice they have shredded chicken kuey teow soup (chicken hor fun soup).

Lastly, not forgetting to order their bean sprout which is awesome compliments to dine with the rice. 

Roast chicken & Char Siew
Roast chicken & Roast Pork

Shuang Siew’s chicken cooked to perfection (haha) as it is good, tender and juicy (even for its chicken breast its spot-on). 

Just look at the skin, thinly glossy done. 

Soup with extra coriander
Coriander lover anyone? Add-on anytime Uncle very generous 🙂
Roast chicken rice
In-house chili - must have condiments too

Shuang Siew chicken rice

Shuang Siew chicken rice
Shuang Siew - Condiments
Sauce & Gravy - the must have
Roast & Steam chicken
Roast or Steam chicken - your preference
Shuang Siew chicken rice

What do We Like about Shuang Siew?

Foods are good and reasonable priced, perfect meal anytime. Dine-in or take-out.

The restaurant is spacious and clean with friendly owner and staff too :).

Chicken rice - PJ


11, Jalan 20/14, Taman Paramount, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours:

Monday to Sunday 10.30am to 4pm (depends on availability of their chicken rice – usually finish fast)



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