Shan Hai, Cheras
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Shan Hai – Udon Bar and Tempura

Welcome to Shan Hai – Udon Bar and Tempura. Where taste of tradition meets with a twist. 

They are located at Batu 3 1/4 Cheras. This eatery is the brainchild of a dynamic husband and wife duo who are passionate about fusion of flavours. 

Shan Hai Udon and Tempura
tempura - variety
tempura - variety

Shan Hai's Menu

Shan Hai Menu

Since opening their doors in Jan 2024, they have been delighting diners with their unique concept. 

The restaurant is simple, operating with two floors and exudes a gallery-like charm with its simple yet unique interior decoration. 

One of the highlights of dining at Shan Hai is their innovative approach to tempura. Instead of the traditional hotpot concept where everything goes into the wok to stir fried. They offer a twist by turning all ingredients into crispy, golden tempura. It’s a feast as chefs fry up an array of vegetables and meats to perfection.

Shan Hai also provides an unique dipping sauce counter, allowing diners to customize their flavors to suit their preferences. Whether you prefer something spicy or savory, there’s a sauce waiting for you to explore.

Shan Hai, Cheras

During our visit, we try their classic udon. We opted for a comforting bowl of plain udon dashi and a tantalizing serving of plain udon curry, each comes with authentic flavors that brings us to the streets of Japan. To accompany our noodles, we selected an assortment of fresh vegetables and succulent duck meats for our tempura, each bite more satisfying than the last.

Shan Hai Udon and Tempura
Shan Hai Udon and Tempura
Shan Hai open kitchen
Shan Hai interior decoration
simple yet artistic deco

Shan Hai - art and dine continue at 2nd floor

Shan Hai Udon and Tempura 2nd floor
Shan Hai 2nd floor

Overall, our experience was good. With its innovative concept, welcoming ambiance, and offerings. So, if you’re craving for udon and tempura, be sure to visit Shan Hai. 

Shan Hai, Cheras, KL

Address: 9-G, Jalan 1/92C, Batu 3 1, 4, Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours: Monday to Sunday 12 to 3pm – 6pm to 10.30pm

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