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Sea Park Dessert, Paramount Kopitiam

Sea Park Dessert in Paramount Kopitiam is where we usually settle ourselves in when we are craving for Chinese dessert or tong sui.

Other than the tong sui sweet soup, the stall also serves many other types of foods which are so suitable for snack and tea time.

We recently also went to Hong Kee Tong Sui in Seksyen 17, check it out HERE.

red bean soup
Red bean soup with lot of red beans
Curry fu zuk and fish ball. Both soaked up the curry gravy, tasty
the menu of sea park dessert
Click to Enlarge Menu. There are fried stuffs (such as fried dough stick/ yau char guai, sesame roll, popiah etc.) and carbs such as chee cheong fun, fried mee hoon, glutinous rice etc.)
seapark dessert
More menu in the item here. Cheap and tasty keep us coming back for more
tong sui in big pot
The tong sui soup in big pot. There were red bean, bubur cha cha, mung bean, and fu zuk barley during our visit
snack time seapark tong sui
The fried mee hoon that we liked a lot. It was soft, fluffy and crunchy (?!)
yam cake
Yam cake with solid filling such as the yam pieces, fried spring onion, dried shrimps and fresh green spring onion
fried popiah
No one ever can resist fried crunchy popiah with full vegetable fillings
curry fish ball and fu zuk
Fu zuk piece dipped in curry gravy
fried mee hoon
The fried mee hoon
fried popiah
Popiah dipped the chili sauce
yam kuih
Yam cake

What do We Like about Sea Park Dessert, Paramount Kopitiam?

  • Many variety of stuffs suitable for tea time, snack and even as full proper meal
  • Cheap and tasty

Paramount Kopitiam, Jalan 21/22, Sea Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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