sang har yee mee
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Sang Kee Restaurant – Lorong Yap Ah Loy KL

Sang Kee Sang Har Mee (river prawn yee mee) has been around for decades. It is located within a rather hidden lane of Lorong Yap Ah Loy. 

During lunch hours, it is quite famous among the office workers looking for lunch nearby the commercial area. It used to be quite a hot place during noon. Noticed there has been refurbishment recently so the restaurant looks more proper nowadays.

singapore fried mee hoon
The Singaporean fried mee hoom with many big prawns in it
cantonese yin yong
Cantonese yin yong. Also with many prawns. Noticed Sang Kee used pork liver as one of the ingredient, guess it may elevate the taste of dishes of the stir fried
stir fried kai lan
Stir fried kai lan, in interesting cuts
sang har yee min
The star of the lunch. Sang har yee mee or known as the river prawn yee mee. We opted for one big sang har. Can see the red roe flooded the entire plate of yee mee. It looked appetizing and tempting
singaporean fried mee hoon
The fried mee hoon with good wok hei and a lot of bean sprouts in it. There were also some real crab sticks as the ingredients
bill of sang kee
The traditional bills. The sang har yee mee costed us RM 72 per plate.

What do We Like about Sang Kee Sang Har Noodle?

  • The traditional stir fried dishes with delicious taste
  • The open air setting makes the area cooling

Sang Kee Restaurant

5A, Jalan Yap Ah Loy, City Centre, 50050 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

sang kee sang har noodle
The restaurant is in a open air outdooe kind of setting. During our visit it was not hot as the weather was quite gloomy

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