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Robataya Izakaya Subang Empire – Lot of Variety

Robataya Izakaya is located in Empire Subang, we were there on a Friday night after dine in was finally allowed after many months.

Upon checking their menu, we noticed it has another branch in One Utama but we never tried it. Unsure what else for dinner (as usual), we went for this one.

beef slices
fried baby prawn

The Menu of Robataya Izakaya

Robataya Izakaya’s speciality is the grilled stuffs and it is also serving other common Japanese dishes such as sashimi and rice set. There is a grill section with charcoal fire in it, but due to the situation, the bar seating was not allowed, else it would be good experience.

The menu is quite a thick book, with many variety of foods for selection. 

robataya izakaya menu

The food of Robataya Izakaya

Not feeling to have the grilled stuffs, we just ordered a beef slices don, a chirashi sushi set and added on a fried baby prawn.

The beed slices don came with rice and an egg on top. The taste was ok, nothing spectacular. 

The chirashi set on the other hand came with sashimi cube of few type of fishes. Portion was considered huge and the fresh were fresh.

Fried baby prawns were crunch and the slight saltiness made it a perfect appetizer, difficult to stop munch 🙂


beef slices don
fried baby prawn
chirashi set

The environment and price

The restaurant itself is huge, with two major area for seating. The bill came to about RM110 for the three dishes we ordered. 

Ume Tei is still more price worthy in our opinion.

Are we returning to Robataya Izakaya?


Robataya Izakaya Subang Empire: Lot No. G-16, Empire Shopping Gallery, Ss 16, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

robataya izakaya interior
Charcoal grilling bar
robataya izakaya interior

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