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Restaurant Paramount Seng Fatt – Homey Tai Chow Dishes

Restaurant Paramount Seng Fatt is an old but gold type of restaurant. It is famous with its claypot fish in ginger onion gravy. 

We tried the claypot fish before and on this visit, we did not order that as the weather was quite hot actually to have something that will make us sweat.

claypot tofu
thai style chicken chop
The Thai style fried chicken chop came in quite large portion

The Menu

There is a huge menu board on the wall, makes it easy for everyone to order dishes from it. The dishes are those commonly found in tai chow style of restaurant. There are such as chicken, meat, fish, seafood, vegetable, egg, tofu and soup. All are clearly written and some came with photo to illustrate. Just that the menu board does not come with the price for each dish.

seng fatt menu
Click to enlarge menu

The food

We ordered a Thai style fried chicken chop, a braised pork slices with bitter gourd and a claypot tofu.

The chicken chop was in huge portion. The sweet and sour sauce made it appetizing and refreshing to start the meal.

The bitter gourd braised pork was flavorful with the tau si (braised black bean). Good to blend the sauce with the rice.

The claypot tofu had thick gravy and it balanced out the stronger taste from the other two dishes.

We liked all the three dishes.

braised bitter gourd pork slices
Dinner at Seng Fatt Paramount
Claypot tofu
Beautifully colored claypot tofu
braised bitter gourd pork slices
paramount seng fatt
Clean and bright environment
paramount seng fatt

What do we like about Restaurant Paramount Seng Fatt?

  • Although an old shop, Seng Fatt has a clean and bright interior. The dine in environment was comfortable. We liked that the side walls had transformed into roller shutter and opened the restaurant to more open air
  • The dishes are all tasty and delicious
The bill came to around RM65 for the dinner we had.

Restaurant Paramount Seng Fatt:

23, Jalan 20/16, Taman Paramount, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

paramount seng fatt interior

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