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Rekindle SS 2 – Creamy Cake with Rich Alcoholic Flavor

Rum and raisins cheese cake of Rekindle is the reason we keep going back for more ๐Ÿ™‚

Ever since discovering and trying out their alcoholic cake in Rekindle, we regularly went back for their cake (especially the alcoholic one) and for the ambience, but too bad we are unable to dine in for the moment.ย 

Guess our last dine in for coffee was at Get Baked. Read about it here.

The Menu

There are quite a variety of cake in Rekindle menu: signature cheese cakes, alcoholic cakes (our favorite), mille crepes, comfort cakes, bars and macaroons.ย 

Also, they serve coffee, tea and juice as well.

rekindle rum and raisins
rum and raisins cheese cake
rekindle assorted cake
Wide variety of cake

The cake at Rekindle

For a coffee break at home, we just brought home a piece of rum & raisins cheese cake, together with an Americano from Rekindle.ย 

As usual, the rum & raisins cheese cake was very rich in the rum flavor, accompanied with the creamy cheese texture. The rum’s proportion in the cake was just on point, strong yet not overly done.

One mouth of the cake to go with a sip of black coffee, the combination is just perfect. Bitterness of the cake combined with the bitterness of black coffee, it just neutralized both strong taste.

rekindle rum and raisins
Creamy cheese and rum flavor

Rekindle's environment and price

Rekindle’s environment is cosy. Though the indoor space is not huge, the small tables for two are not too near to each other.

The piece of rum and raisins cheese cake was RM 17.

Worth returning to Rekindle?

Yes, the alcoholic cake got us addicted and kept us coming back for more.

Rekindle SS 2:ย 

Ground Floor, 25, Jalan SS 2/64

Facebook: Here

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