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Purple Cane Tea Cuisine – The Gardens Mall

Purple Cane Tea Cuisine is a restaurant that specializes in infusing tea into their dishes. This unique approach to cooking creates a subtle yet distinct tea flavor that sets their cuisine apart from other restaurants. The use of tea in the dishes adds a layer of complexity to the flavors that is both interesting and delicious.

During the visit, we tried the black pepper chicken with rice set and the sweet and sour chicken set. The chicken had a slightly smoky flavor that complemented the black pepper well. On the other hand, the sweet and sour chicken was tender with a tangy sweet sauce.

Both dishes were served with rice and side dish of braised egg, fried stuff and acar. The side dishes added a nice contrast to the flavors of the main dishes.

the chicken drumstick set
the sweet and sour pork set
purple cane tea cuisine menu
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purple cane tea cuisine menu
tea cup
Tea cup for the soup

In addition to the food, the restaurant also serves soup in a tea pot, which was a charming and fun way to present the soup. The tea cup drinks were also a great touch, as the flavors of the tea complemented the food well.

Overall, Purple Cane Tea Cuisine is a must-try for anyone who loves tea or is looking for a unique dining experience. The attention to detail and the combination of tea and food create a delightful and unforgettable dining experience.

tea pot soup
Soup served in tea pot
fried stuff
sweet and sour pork
sweet and sour pork set
dinner at purple cane tea cuisine
purple cane tea cuisine

What do We Like about Purple Cane Tea Cuisine, The Gardens Mall?

  • Tea infused soup served in a tea pot and drink with tea cup
  • Variety of set meals to choose from

Lot LG-206, Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur

purple cane tea cuisine

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