Pork noodles
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Pork Noodles – Super Yummy

Need a delicious and satisfying pork noodles (zhu yuk fan)? Just headย  to Restoran New Seaview in Taman Paramount Petaling Jaya.

One of our favorite zhu yuk fan place. Fresh ingredients cooked with its sweet savory piping-hot broth – perfecto. They are always the a crowd puller of the kopitiam among many stalls.

Pork noodles - Paramount PJ
Pork Noodles - Tmn Paramount
Pork Hor Fun with add-on egg

Irresistible - pork meat noodles

Consistency is always the key to success. That’s how I would describe them, they made awesome broth and maintain their consistency.ย 

Its broth is sweet & savory blends well with pork essence, and if you likes egg – one extra egg will elevate the broth further.

Each bowl of noodles served with minced pork and pork slices as its main, of course, the “spare parts” pork intestine / pork liver is default and need to inform the stall if to skip it.

Seaview Paramount PJ
Sumptuous portion of pork
Perfect egg yolk
Perfect bright yellow egg-yolk

Check out the artisan egg-yolks – they made it perfect every time ๐Ÿ™‚

Pork noodles stall in Restoran New Seaview PJ
New Seaview Paramount PJ. Pork noodles

They have recently revised the price of noodles, RM8 for small and RM9 for large; add-on additional charges.

Usually, its weekend crowd can be non-stop so you may need to expect longer wait but good thing, they’re fast & efficient, the wait will still be bearable. Its owner, both uncle and aunty are still helping around at the stall.ย  ย 

Crispy Popiah
Crispy Popiah

What's next beside noodles . . .

Crispy popiah, another good find in New Seaview Kopitiam. Its turnip nicely cooked & tasty and good thing not too soggy, you still feel the crunchy turnip as you eat. Also, they add-on their crispy cracker in each of the popiah, which made it extra crispy at each bites.

Beside the crispy popiah, they have seaweed popiah – the wasabi seaweed popiah not bad too. The taste and hint of wasabi, give the extra kick in the popiah.

Crispy Popiah stall

81-129, Jalan 20/7, Paramount Garden, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operating hours,
6.30am to 3.30pm


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