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Ping Wah Restaurant – Home Style Hainanese Cuisine

Ping Wah is located in Taman Paramount where there are many restaurants and eateries around. They also have another outlet in Damansara Uptown. Recently we been to the nearby Get Baked which is along the same street.

Along the same street there are also the famous Kong Sai Zai chicken and Meng Kee Steamed Soup.

Ping Wah menu

The Menu

Ping Wah serves Hainanese dishes. This is not the first time we come so we did not order their specialty as we thought of trying some different dishes.

They listed their signature dishes on the menu: choy poh egg, braised potato with pork, deep fried senangin fish, stir fried roasted pork, etc. For first timer, make sure to try those dishes as they are good.

Their other dishes are the pork, chicken, duck, seafood and vegetables that can usually be found in Chinese restaurant.

Ping Wah Menu

The food of Ping Wah

On that particular visit, we just ordered some simple dishes: salted fish stir fried kai lan, bitter gourd with pork slices, sing kong tauhu.

All are not bad and go well with rice. We like the tauhu and kai lan (because of salted fish) more. The bitter gourd with pork slices were just lack of some taste.

Stir fried kai lan and sing kong tauhu
Ping Wah bitter gourd

The environment and price

Usual Chinese style restaurant with few big tables. Bright, clean and comfortable with good air circulation.

The bill came to about RM 35+.

Worth returning to Ping Wah?

Yes but not as frequent as we prefer the nearby Lao Gang at O&S.

Interior of Ping Wah
About us - Ping Wah

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