corn and pandan layer cake
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Pandan Layer Cake – Famous Cake Shop in Klang

Pandan layer cake – a hometown taste with human touch, adhering to 40 years of Ancient Taste. This is the line printed on the beautifully designed box of the cake.

Ever since the news of the potential closure broke in 2016 (read here), people flock to the shop for a final taste of the famous cake, including us. Luckily enough, the owner eventually decided not to close the shop due to the support from public, and here we are having the layer cake in year 2021.

The Menu

corn and pandan cake

From the packaging box, there are quite many flavors of cakes:

  • Pandan
  • Yam
  • Pandan mix yam
  • Corn
  • Pandan mix corn
  • Durian
  • Philippines 
  • Cheesecake
cake flavor
The flavors
pandan layer cake
pandan layer cake
pandan cake

The Pandan Layer Cake

We bought the pandan mix corn and original pandan layer cake.

The sponge cake layer and jelly like layer complement each other well. The sponge cake was not too dry and the jelly was not too wet or soft, therefore making the cake’s texture blend nicely when biting and chewing.

The cake was also not too sweet, it is just to my liking of sweetness. 

One can always find layer cake in any cake shop or stall, the pandan layer cake from Klang is not particularly stunning or amazing by its taste. We believe the reason of its famous is due to the ‘ancient taste’ as written on the packing box. One is mesmerizing the taste of old time and old memories by having the layer cake.

corn layer cake

Worth returning?

Yes for the old time cake memories


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